Nomograms to Assess Treatment Options

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Well nomograms are very useful, they help glide us and patients through prostate cancer assessment. 

So for example we will be able to put into a nomogram, usually for the MEMORIAL SONE CATERANE website, the PSA, the number of biopsies that are positive, the clinical stage and they will be able to tell us the chance of cure with surgery, radiotherapy or seed therapy and also they will be able to give us an indication of the likely chance of survival if we do nothing but observe the cancer. 

These nomograms are also useful post surgical treatment to tell us outcomes, also for post radiotherapy. 

So they are quite useful for patients. 

There are some limitations on the nomograms though because sometimes you can punch in the numbers and one can clearly think that surgery might be better than radiotherapy but realistically there’s no clinical trial to definitely say that. 

So they’re useful but not, they’re not the be end and end all of everything and some patients find them very useful to help make some decisions on treatment options.