Flexible Cystoscopy

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A flexible cystoscopy is an inspection of the bladder with a thin telescope. 

We insert this telescope in through the penis in males and in through the urethra in females. 

It’s a flexible telescope that bends to your shape and it’s very well tolerated.  It allows an excellent inspection of the bladder. 

We can usually detect if there’s any abnormalities in males, we can assess the prostate, assess the size of the prostate and check if there’s any strictures or narrowing along the urethra.

This procedure only takes a few minutes and is usually done with the patient under, awake under local anaesthetic gel or under some mild sedation. 

Post operatively patients have some mild discomfort with some burning and stinging and this usually settles over a few hours to a day. 

If a patient develops a fever it is important to contact the doctor but this is very uncommon. 

So this is a very common test done to ensure that there’s no abnormality in the bladder.