Advantages of Robotic Prostatectomy

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I think robot assisted surgery has a number of advantages. 

Although there’s been no randomised controlled trial comparing open and robot assisted surgery and there’s unlikely to be I do feel that robotic surgery offers significant advantages. 

It offers excellent cure rates. 

There is improved preservation of nerves for erectile function and excellent short and long term continence results. 

Patients have a reduced hospital stay and importantly return to work much quicker than with open surgery. 

There’s a very low complication rate with a low minor and major complication rate and a decreased blood loss. 

Fortunately in my 350 cases I’ve had a zero blood transfusion rate because of the excellent anastomosis or join that we get we have a very, very low stricture rate, that is scarring at the join between the bladder and the urethra. 

Patients have very little pain and a very low infection rate because they’re only a small incision inside the abdomen and not open throughout the procedure. 

Over 95% of patients have their catheter out on day five or day six and I think that’s another very positive thing. 

I personally feel that a very good robotic procedure is probably better than a very good open procedure but it’s really important for patients to find out what the outcomes of their particular surgeon is and choose what’s best for them. 

For example a poor robotic procedure would be worse than a very good open procedure. 

So I think it’s imperative for patients to really find out the clinically outcomes of the surgeons they’re seeing and it allows them to make an informed decision on what’s best for them.