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Privacy Policy

Indentifying Information

Sydney Prostate Centre at St Vincent's requires basic personal information for the purposes of indentifying and contacting you.

Health Information

Any health information is viewed as sensitive information and is handled accordingly. The primary aim of collecting this information is to enable Sydney Prostate Centre at St Vincent's to advise and assist patients. This information may also be used in research studies. Such research will not include identifying information.

Use of information

Identifying information and health information are for use only within Sydney Prostate Centre at St Vincent's. Information is made available only to members of the Sydney Prostate Centre at St Vincent's and will not be passed on or traded to other companies, individuals or entities.

Data Security

Patient information is stored in a database. Transmission to and from this database is encrypted using industry standard SSL technology. All patient information can only be viewed by secure database access. Patient information is not transferred using email. Database access requires an authorised user to supply a valid username and password. This request process occurs at an undisclosed web location ( URL ). All IT infrastructure is physically secure and constantly monitored.


The knowledge and consent of the individual are required for the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information