Patience Experiences at Sydney Prostate & Kidney Centre

Active Surveillance

James' Experience

John's Experience

Biopsy & Robotic Prostatectomy

Mr Garsythe's Experience

Continence Post Prostatectomy

Mr Pollock's Experience

Early Onset Prostate Cancer

Ashley's Experience

Erectile Dysfunction

Alan & Barb's Experience

Holmium Laser Surgery

Mr Gough's Experience

Patient's Journey with Holmium Laser Surgery

Kidney Stone Removal with Holmium Ablation

David's Experience

Kidney Stones Removal with Lithotripsy

John's Experience

Prostate Cancer Braccytherapy

Len's Experience

PUJ Obstruction

Sarah's Experience

Renal Cell Carcinoma

Enrico's Experience

Tina's Experience

Robotic Phaechromocytoma

Mr Kearney's Experience

Robotic Prostatectomy

Lincoln's Experience